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JupiterIndia - Web Design and Hosting company Thane Mumbai
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Web Hosting Terms and Conditions


Service‚Äč ‚ÄčTerms and Conditions


The obligation of Jupiter to provide Support Services will not extend to:

  1. 1. Rectification of lost or corrupted data from client side.
  2. 2. Jupiter shall not be responsible to restore mails deleted by client end. However, the data back up facility from the server can be used in terms of server crash or system failure (In case of any)
  3. 3. Jupiter, at no additional charge to you, initially will lend support and give training in configuration of email addresses in Microsoft Outlook on a single machine. User can copy the same settings and do the same on other machines / Mobile Phones / Tablets accordingly. Any re-install will incur a charge, communicated to you according to the number of machines where the email addresses shall be configured.
  4. 4. Jupiter provides mail and telephone support between the hours of 10 am. and 7 pm., Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays).
  5. 5. A Control panel shall be provided to you, wherein you can manage your email accounts effectively. Jupiter shall not lend support in creation/deletion of email accounts of the clients.
  6. 6. Frequent Passwords changing of email addresses and other related services for eg : frequent retrieving of old passwords etc shall not be handled by Jupiter. However, the control panel password shall be reset and given to you, incase of lost password.
  7. 7. Once the Cpanel and the FTP of the website is handed over to the client, Jupiter shall not be responsible for any files hosted on your account or your website back up or any misplaced data or folder.
  8. 8. Website back up and management of files / related folders will always remain the responsibility of the owner of the website.


General Terms and Conditions


Jupiter Infotech (hereinafter referred to as "Parent") AND you (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") HAVE entered into a Customer Master Agreement of which this "Customer Hosting Product Agreement Extension" is a part.

WHEREAS Parent provides Hosting Services;

WHEREAS the Customer wishes to place an Order for Hosting Services ("Hosting Order") through the Parent;

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual promises, benefits and covenants contained herein and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt, adequacy and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Parent and the Customer, intending to be legally bound, hereby agree as follows:

1. Rights of Parent

While certain attributes of the Hosting Order may consist of unlimited resources, Customer recognises that the Hosting Order is a shared hosting service, and that the Parent has the right in its sole discretion to apply any hard limits on any specific attribute or resource on the Hosting Order at any given time without notice in order to prevent degradation of its services, or incase of any breach or violation or threatened breach or violation of this Agreement, or incase Parent learns of a possibility of breach or violation of this Agreement which Parent in its sole discretion determines to be appropriate, or to protect the integrity and stability of the Parent Products and the OrderBox, or to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the part of Parent and/or Service Providers, or for any other appropriate reason. The Customer agrees that Parent and Service Providers, and the contractors, employees, directors, officers, representatives, agents and affiliates, of Parent and Service Providers, are not liable for loss or damages that may result from any of the above.

2. Terms of Usage

Customer, or its contractors, employees, directors, officers, representatives, agents and affiliates and OrderBox Users, either directly or indirectly, shall not use or permit use of the Hosting Order, in violation of this Agreement, and for any of the activities described below -

  1. 2.1 Run any type of web spiders or indexers.
  2. 2.2 Run any software that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.
  3. 2.3 Run, host, or store any P2P client, tracker, software, server, files, content or application, including bittorrent.
  4. 2.4 Use excessive resources which in the Parent's sole discretion result in damage or degradation to the performance, usage, or experience of OrderBox, other users, other orders, and any of Parent's services.
  5. 2.5 Use the email service for sending or receiving unsolicited emails.
  6. 2.6 Use the email service for sending or receiving emails through automated scripts hosted on your website. For sending out promotional emails, email campaigns, etc., we recommend using the Mailing Lists feature rather than using your email account. Upon detection of such mails going through the regular mailing system, such mails will get classified as spam even though the recipient might have opted in for receiving such emails. This would lead to immediate cessation of mail sending capabilities for the user or the domain name. Frequent violation would lead to permanent suspension of the domain name.
  7. 2.7 Sending mails to invalid recipient email addresses. On receipt of too many bounce back messages due to invalid recipient email addresses, the user sending such mails would get blocked. Frequent violation would lead to permanent suspension of the domain name.
  8. 2.8 Sending mails from an email address that is not valid and which results in triple bounces would result in suspension of the user sending such mails. Frequent violation would lead to permanent suspension of the domain name.
  9. 2.9 Send emails with malicious content. Such emails could be emanating from user(s) whose machine(s) are infected with a virus or malware and such activity could be happening without the user(s) knowledge or user(s) could be unknowingly sending out emails whose receivers may deem them as unsolicited.
  10. 2.10 Run cron entries with intervals of less than 15 minutes.
  11. 2.11 Engage in any activities related to purchase, sale or mining of currencies such as Bitcoin.

3. Web, Email Hosting Specific terms

Your web hosting account will not be used for :

  1. 3.1 As a backup/storage device.
  2. 3.2 Run any gaming servers.
  3. 3.3 Store over 100,000 files.
  4. 3.4 Constantly create and delete large numbers of files on a regular basis, or cause file system damage.
  5. 3.5 Run any MySQL queries longer than 15 seconds.
  6. 3.6 Store a large number of media files (audio, video, etc.), wherein the limit is at Parent's sole discretion.

If any of the above mentioned points have not be followed by the client, Jupiter has full rights to deactivate the hosting account. The account deactivation will be done after giving prior intimation through emails.


Back Up Policy


We undertake periodic backups of data on our shared hosting servers, email infrastructure but the final responsibility for all backups of the data on your hosting packages rests with you. We strongly recommend that you take periodic backups and store them at your end so that you have multiple options in case of necessity for a restore.

You may request us for a backup of the last 7 days (from the date of request) and in most cases we will be able to provision this from our disaster recovery backups. However, this is not a part of our core hosting services and is merely a last resort. We will try our best to help you out but backups provisioning and restoration is an extremely time and resource intensive process and hence we can only promise a best effort service in this regard. You make use of CodeGuard for reliable and cheap offsite back ups.

We strongly recommended that you make use of our add-on back-up services for reliable and cheap offsite back ups. Please contact us for signing up for the same.

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