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JupiterIndia - Web Design and Hosting company Thane Mumbai
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Jewellery Website Designing

Online shopping makes life easy. Products and services are just a click away when buyers opt for online shopping and that too from the comfort of their homes. They can check a number of options available in the store at a glance. They can see the features of the product on the same page. They can compare prices as well as check out the best-buy offers that stores have to offer. Also, there are plenty of payment options available which has made online transactions less complex and trouble-free mode of paying.

Buying jewellery online is relatively newer trend in the world of online shopping. Going back to the time when eCommerce websites were born, many people were hesitant to buy expensive items such as jewellery online due to the fear of losing money. However, latest eCommerce platforms have made online jewellery shopping easier, secure and hassle-free.


Similar to buying, designing a website for a jeweller is also a challenging task. Our professional and experienced website designing team at Jupiter has developed a number of websites for jewellers considering our clients needs and requirements. We understand the concept that in jewellery website it is important to showcase the entire product range which a business is availing. Show casting product is not enough. One has to also display the same in an eye catching manner which our designers at Jupiter know perfectly.

Many retail market analysts observe that an eCommerce website has increased the jewellery business. And they also suggest that any jeweller who wants to grow his business must go for an eCommerce website. This fact can be described with the help of some surveys done by experts.
The traditional jewellery stores around the cities often experience lesser floor traffic than other merchandise stores. Hence jewellers struggle to keep up with the competition due to fewer buyers. An eCommerce website offers a positive and pleasant experience for online shoppers. With this it also helps generate more sales for the jewellers.

One of the biggest advantages that an eCommerce website for jewellery offers is the ability to operate 24/7. This helps gather more customers for your online jewellery stores; irrespective of time and location. Sundays and public holidays become irrelevant with an eCommerce website.

Who must have an eCommerce store for Jewellery ?

eCommerce website offers numerous advantages to you as an owner. We, as a Jewellery eCommerce Website Design Company in Thane Mumbai, India understand how an eCommerce website gives you an edge over other online stores which can easily distribute and sell your products.

If you are one of the following people, then opting for website design for jewellery stores is a must for you.

  • People who are just beginning their diamond / jewellery business – Be it manufacturing or trading.
  • Established jewellers who still haven’t gone online.
  • Jewellery Artists who want to promote their creations.

Why Jupiter for developing eCommerce website for Jewellery ?

Platform Consultation : Designing an eCommerce website for jewellery is a skills-based job. A thumb rule of website designing doesn’t work for an online jewellery store. We at Jupiter understand the fine nuances of various elements in a jewellery website. We select and suggest platforms of designing a website based on the client’s requirements and their comfort of using that platform.

Provide easy navigation and user-friendly interface : We at Jupiter also understand that ‘ease-of-use’ features play a key role in the popularity of any website. We aim at designing a website that is easy to navigate, teamed with a user-friendly interface, all for comfort of your customers. We also make sure that you, as an administrator, find no difficulty in managing the website. Hence, we offer the best possible solutions to make your content management systems easy-to-use.

SEO Services

Jupiter helps you drive more and quality traffic to your website with the help of SEO solutions. The SEO solutions provided by us help your website bring to initial pages of any search engine. We understand the importance of internet marketing in the performance and survival of a business in the present scenario. Our services ensure that you get the highest number of traffic to your website with the best ROI for your business.

Payment Gateway Integration

Latest payment gateways offer real-time online transactions. Customers can make on-the-spot purchases with the help of internet banking or credit cards. This ease of payment helps gather more clients online. Our promise is to offer secure and safe payment gateways so as to develop trust of your customers into your products and services.

Social Media Marketing Services

We at Jupiter strongly recommend opting for social medial marketing. Nearly 90% of marketers and business owners agree that social media makes their business reach out to number of potential customers. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have a major impact on online shoppers. It generates more leads than the traditional ways of marketing. It will also reduce your external marketing expenses.

Jupiter : A distinguished eCommerce web design company for Jewellery

Jupiter has helped these clients grab more eye-balls of their potential customers with the help of stunning visuals, easy navigation, and user-friendly interface.

Jupiter has developed several eCommerce websites, including online jewellery stores. We have also been lucky enough to handle a unique concept of a jewellery eCommerce portal that allows the user to automatically book gold and start off with a monthly saving plan.

Jupiter has helped these clients grab more eye-balls of their potential customers with the help of stunning visuals, easy navigation, and user-friendly interface.

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Jupiter India is a professionally run website designing, website development, web hosting company situated in Thane, Mumbai. Our website designing portfolio showcases the skills and expertise we possess to design any type of website that your business may require. With ideas and appealing design skills we have produced modern, contemporary website designs with all the functionalities to our clients not only in Thane, Mumbai but everywhere around the world.

Our Web designers team at Jupiter India believes and works on the principles that a good website designing company is a one that adds value to the any client company's website not only by a web designers extraordinary website designing skills, but a web designer needs to understand the business of the client company and accordingly suggest web solutions, ranging from website design to extending from E-commerce solutions to portal development and finally promoting sites through ad campaigns, thereby driving traffic to the website. At Jupiter our aim is to build neat, professional, interactive, content rich & good-looking websites for jewellers to show cast their variety of products avoiding the risk of taking samples and travelling resulting in theft etc.

The primary objective of any website designing company in Mumbai or around the world while designing a professional website is to achieve its web presence highlighting its very purpose of existence. Setting up a website for a company or business does not cost you as much as you may expect. Our web design prices are competitive & offer great value for money, and if you look at JupiterIndia portfolio you'll see our designs appeal to a wide range of clients, both large & small. We have designed websites for all major sectors namely Pharma, Jewellery, Textile, Hotel, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Financial, Construction and u name it.

Jupiter is not the only website development company in Thane, Mumbai but it is one of its kind in Thane, Mumbai because we understand that the most important mantra to be kept in mind while website designing is that the website has to be quick to load, nice to look at, easy to use and navigate. We work always keeping in mind that people will remember your website, if it is full of content rich and useful information and also attractive images.