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JupiterIndia - Web Design and Hosting company Thane Mumbai
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Property Portal Development

What is a Property Listing Portal ?

Earlier we used to go to the real estate agents for buying or renting of new or old property. This process of visiting the agents and negotiating the prices was not only time consuming but also an expensive affair sometimes making us also land in trouble with a possibility of dealing with wrong middlemen and thus landing in financial troubles. However, with the advent of Property Listing Portals it has become a few clicks job to purchase or rent a new property anywhere in the country, and that to from the comfort of your home.

The Property Listing portals are websites, designed exclusively for buying, selling and listing of property. The well-established Property Portal provides real estate support and information about the available property in the particular region/ provision to the visitors of the website. A Property Portal offers solutions to those who are dealing in properties or those who are searching spare property – be it residential, commercial or any other real estate allied services.

Property Portal constitutes of the following features for its customers:

  • Commercial and Land Sales.
  • Residential Property Sales.
  • Business Property Sales
  • Property Management.
  • Property Rentals.
  • Property Advertisement.
  • Listing and Searching Property.
  • Providing Appraisals of Properties.
  • Listing of Property Related Portfolios like Electrician, Plumber etc.
  • A property portal help as an advertising tool for the company along with generating more business and introducing new income streams to it.
  • It is a proficient solution to all those who are dealing or aspire to work in property related business.

Benefits of Property Listing Portal

  • One-stop-solution for all your property buying and selling needs
  • Listing, buying and selling of new or old property with just few clicks
  • Cost effective way to advertise or list your existing property
  • Search property anywhere in the country from the comfort of your home

Who should go for Property Listing Portal ?

  • Those who want to start their own property-listing portal can go for this service.
  • Apart from that, small and large companies who want to diversify their business and get into property listing business can go for this service.
  • Real Estate agents who want to start their own property-listing portal can opt for this.

We at Jupiter located in Thane, Mumbai have a wide range of localization and custom support for portals show casing properties not just within the country but also abroad attracting foreign customers who are always interested buying land in India. We provide you with a wide range of features and function and provide you unmatched value for money solutions. We give you complete support starting from the time you need to take decision wherein you will require to fix the number of features you wish to see on your portal, until the till we make the portal live. Once the portal is made live, we also give you an extended warranty and support for an extended period of next few months totally free of cost which includes maintenance support as well as troubleshooting for any post development issues.

No matter, development of a portal specially just for listing of property, we offer you variety of realty portals options to develop for according to your budget and requirement starting from a complete listing portal, map based portals, Agency and B2B portals, and Portals for luxury real estate, Deal based portals, Single agency Real estate Portals and other innovative style of portals.

The complete application is 100% customizable and requires no technical expertise to configure, manage and control the entire business of real estate portals.

eCommerce, B2B / B2C Real Estate Web Portal Development

B2C actually refers to online business to customer trading and auctions. Real estate can be put for Online Marketing and all the customers from the world can purchase from the online. Online Web Marketing, Web Promotion in Search Engine and Internet Advertising is prime factors of B2C. We at Jupiter, provide you the best real estate web development solution and Portal Maintenance Service for B2B, B2C portal development, eBusiness and eCommerce.

Real Estate Web Portal Development Company

We are a full service real estate website Development company in located in Thane, India base specializing in developing B2B and B2C portals - fully customized e-business hubs which will promote your products and services. Real estate website - portal is developed using Ajax, .Net technology and My SQL as database.

Main features for real estate portal are listed below.

  • Search/ Add/ Edit the properties
  • Showing the property location on the Microsoft Map point in detail page
  • Sort by any criteria on the result page
  • Display featured property on the front page
  • Membership Registration
  • Payment Processing with Paypal, or major Credit Card with recurring billing solution
  • User Friendly Reports & Charts

Why Jupiter for developing Your Dream property portal

Platform Consultation: Designing a portal for builders is a skills-based job. We at Jupiter understand the fine nuances of various elements in a property portal. We select and suggest platforms of designing a portal based on the client’s requirements and their comfort of using that platform. Provide easy navigation and user-friendly interface: We at Jupiter also understand that ‘ease-of-use’ features play a key role in the popularity of any website. We aim at designing a portal that is easy to navigate, teamed with a user-friendly interface, all for comfort of your customers. We also make sure that you, as an administrator, find no difficulty in managing the portal. Hence, we offer the best possible solutions to make your content management systems easy-to-use.

SEO Services:

Jupiter helps you drive more and quality traffic to your website with the help of SEO solutions. The SEO solutions provided by us help your website bring to initial pages of any search engine. Jupiter understands the importance of internet marketing in the performance and survival of a business in the present scenario. Our services ensure that you get the highest number of traffic to your website with the best ROI for your business.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Latest payment gateways offer real-time online transactions. Customers can make on-the-spot purchases with the help of internet banking or Debit cards. This ease of payment helps gather more clients online. Our promise is to offer secure and safe payment gateways so as to develop trust of your customers into your products and services.

Social Media Marketing Services:

We at Jupiter strongly recommend opting for social medial marketing. Nearly 90% of marketers and business owners agree that social media makes their business reach out to number of potential customers. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have a major impact on online shoppers. It generates more leads than the traditional ways of marketing. It will also reduce your external marketing expenses.

We at Jupiter offer you complete one-stop-solution for your Property listing portal. Our team of experts have practical experience to undertake this kind of website development work and coordinate closely with you to fulfil your vision of perfect property listing portal.These portals give you greater flexibility to connect to the relevant buyers and sellers offering you speedy transaction on your residential or commercial properties.

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